Artist and fashion designer based in Paris.

"Discovering a painting by Alex Foxton is an unsettling experience, simultaneously familiar and strange. Compositions, colours and subjects evoke a host of references, from the Nabis to “bad painting”, kitsch to Balthus' eroticism, or the tormented figures of Adrian Ghenie. And yet the overall impression escapes all constraints ... Thumbing his nose at convention, surfing on a flood of references, he integrates, through a long process of creation (research, sketches, drawings, pictorial experiments), the emotional ingredient that links all the imagery. As with Alex Katz, the superficial flatness is only here to arrest our gaze. Free to pass through the images of glamour that we are deluged with everyday, we open the delicate reliquary of an intense inner life. Hidden in these ambiguous silhouettes, these blurred looks, this palpitating flesh, are moments in tune with the elusive echo of memory."

text for the exhibition "Attitudes" at Galerie Air Project, Geneva, April 2018

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